Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kate McMullan

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                            Please write about a book that you have read of Kate McMullan  and explain what you liked about it. 
                                      This is due by Wednesday, November 25, 2015


  1. The book i'm reading is Double Dragon Trouble,and it's about when Wiglaf and his friend Angus go and try to save the kids that got kidnapped but instead it was Angus cousins that made that whole note up because they didn't want to go to DSA,so Angus cousins decide to hide in the dragons cave, the dragons are trying to get rid of Angus cousin and Wiglaf and Angus are helping.

  2. In the book I read Never Trust A Troll Wiglaf and Dudwin come to school For the first day after summer break They meet all there friends and suddenly Wiglaf saw a troll at DSA. When they were picking class one partners Wiglaf wanted Grock the troll for his class 1 partner. He ended up with Grock and Grock always does tiricks on lad and lasses and get them dirty. Then one day Grock slayed bubbled a water dragon.

  3. I also read the book never trust a troll. Wiglaf comes back from summer
    vaction and goes back to DSA. There he sees a troll and thinks he can help him and be a friend. the troll name was grock and ended up with Wiglaf. Soon Wiglaf realizes the trolls cruelty. he tricks and eats books and teaches bad things. my favorite part was when Grock changed and slayed a dragon and became a hero

  4. In the book : WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE : Wiglaf,Erica,Angus,and Bragwort are all selected for the all schools knowledge tournament,and in the first round DSA has to owe 1000 gold and KNC is leading with 1,780 and DSP with 90 and KRU with 30, on the second round DSA take chances when KNC miss a question and Wiglaf, Angus, and Erica all got correct answers, after lunch break DSA made a comeback and won!

  5. I'm reading the book, "Class Trip to the Cave of Doom" In that book Wiglaf, Erica, Angus, and the rest of the Bloodhounds go to find Seetha's gold, and the Bloodhounds find a dragon track and they follow the tracks, but they end up right back from where they came, and Seetha left a letter telling the Bloodhounds that they have failed trying to find her gold. When Wiglaf's brother, Dudwin, helps them find Seetha's gold, they enter the Cave of Doom! Inside the Cave of Doom, they find Seetha's gold, and Wiglaf takes one coin, and the bowl starts dropping! Headmaster Mordred takes all the gold but gets his hand stuck in the bowl, and the Bloodhounds have to get him out! Erica opens her pack and takes out her, Sir Lancelot handbook and finds a tip, it says, “If you have a friend who loves gold and gets his hand stuck in a bowl, tickle them.” So Erica tickles Headmaster Mordred and he let's go of the gold. Then there is only one coin left, and on the letter from Seetha it said, “If you steal a coin, just one, stones will drop, fire will ablaze and you will be done!” But they are too late to stop Headmaster Mordred from taking that one coin, then stones were dropping, and fires were starting, all the Bloodhounds got out, all but Dudwin. Dudwin called for help, and Wiglaf was already outside, but Wiglaf went back inside the Cave of Doom to save Dudwin. Once he got Dudwin out, Dudwin gave the two coins to Wiglaf, and Wiglaf threw one coin to the Headmaster, and told Dudwin to give the other coin to their family.

  6. I read the book "The Oldest Living Dragon".I would not normally like fantasy fiction, but when I read this I liked it alot.My favorite part was when they all started to sing the poem to defeat the dragon.My favorite character is Wiglaf.This book was really good!!!
    From Kris

  7. The book that I am reading is called "Weel of Misfortune." In this book Wiglaf, Angus, Erica, and Bragworth are competing against other schools in the All-Schools Brain-Power Tournament. What I liked about this book was that nobody gave up nomatter what place they were in. Another reason why I like this book, is that they managed to win, even though Bragworth kept on giving the wrong answers. A 3rd reason why I like this book is that everyone used teamwork and quick thinking to win. This book is a really great book.

  8. The book from the series dragon slayers’ academy that I read is Sir Herbert Dungeonstone, by Kate Mcmullan. It is about when a ghost tries to break DSA apart. It all started when a new person was signing up for DSA. It was a girl! Modred was so happy to have a girl at dragon slayers’ academy. But she is not the real first girl it is actually Erica. But Erica doesn't want to tell anyone. One night Erica, Angus, and Wiglaf here a noise. So they go down deep into the Dungeons. Then the find Sir Herbert Dungeonstone. Sir Herbert tells them something about how DSA was created. And that Mordred promised him gold. And now he wants it back. So he made a deal if Mordred gives them gold then he will not destroy DSA. The gang (Erica, Angus, and Wiglaf) has to save DSA before it goes it to ashes! At the end Modred doesn’t have to give his gold away and Sir Herbert Dungeonstone was gone. POOF!! Later after everyone was saved, Erica tells Mordred that she is a Lass A.k.a a girl. My favorite part of the book was when Erica told Mordred that she was a girl. I thought that was a big deal because Erica didn’t want anyone to know! I hope that you can read the book Sir Herbert Dungeonstone.

  9. The book I read is Sir Herbert Dungenonstone by Kate Mcmullan.There was anew student and she's strong then the boy's.There was a ghost that tries to break DSA apart.So at the end Sir Herbet Dungenonstone went poof.

  10. The book I read was Class Trip to the Cave of Doom.The bloodhounds go to a cave and see words engraved by Seetha von Flambi. A dragon Wiglaf had already killed . It said to but the bloodhounds didn't go back. Then the coach gets a heart attack and he thinks he's queen Mary!!! They meet Wiglaf's little brother Dudwin.Then they run to the cave of doom andget gold


  11. Blog assignment

    My favorite part of dragon slayers academy is when Angus heard uh oh when Lady Lobelia said that there’s community service. Then after that Angus gobbled down his food and after he was done he looked anxious at wiglaf's bowl of eel. My book is called dragon slayers academy the world’s oldest living dragon.


  12. The Book I read was ~THE DRAGON LADY'S REVENGE~ by Kate McMullan.

    In that book,Wiglaf tries to figure out what is Seetha's Secret Weakness is by looking in a book in the DSA Library. But it was stained, so it only said BA... Why Seetha was trying to kill Wiglaf was because she was so mad that Wiglaf killed her son.

    Wiglaf took Lady Lobelia's advice and wore a ram's horn helmet with some cat fur armour. Wiglaf thought he was making a fool out of himself, but it actully helped. When Seetha came, Wiglaf ran for his life, of course, but Seeta eventully caught him and brought him in the air. Wiglaf hit Seetha with his helmet, and Seetha let go.

    She fell in the water around the academy and drowned. Wiglaf figured out SEETHA'S SECRET WEAKNESS WAS A BATH

    ~ RAM T.B!~